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ver the years Mombasa Concept a Service/Logistics Company specializing in events coordination has managed and offered events and travel solutions for some of the most successful companies and individuals in Kenya and East Africa in the fields of Conference, Travel & Tours, Corporate events that include team Building and Employee Training, Hotel Booking, Car Hire, Caravan Road Shows and Promotional Events, Wedding and Honeymoon together with Anniversary Celebrations.

It is our top most obligation to make every event an affair to remember.

We provide a unique combination to build a flexible, reliable foundation for our clients to meet their objectives at a competitive price.

So if you’re planning a major Event or a product launch, utilizing conference, road shows, Mombasa Concept’s team of experts will employ its expertise to save time and costs, dedicate our time to your event and offer you an opportunity to enjoy the event/conference together with everybody else. It is our ability to understand and meet our clients’ needs through our attention to detail and this is where Experience meets Excellence.